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Step-by-step Blueprint to Create a Profitable Passive Income Business on Airbnb

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Hi, I'm Sam. I help entrepreneurs start and grow a wildly profitable short-term rental business on Airbnb.

After spending almost 4-years climbing the corporate ladder, I decided it was time to start my own business. For six months I tried different business ideas before starting an Airbnb business. My “ah hah!” moment came when I figured out how to use other people’s properties to do it.

I got my first Airbnb arbitrage unit back in February of 2017. I had no idea that this business experiment was going to be a home run. Within a few hours of posting, I had my first booking.

When I first started, I struggled. I created this course for two reasons:

  1. Help you kickstart your own profitable Airbnb business with a step-by-step blueprint.
  2. Save you from the headaches and the costly mistakes that I had committed early on.

I like to help people. That passion drove me to create this course.

This course is for people who are:

1. Looking for a reliable and consistent side business

2. Real estate professionals that want to learn the short-term rental industry

3. Existing Airbnb hosts that are looking to scale to multiple units… all without having to buy a single property

4. Ready to quit their day jobs and become their own boss

I will show you how you can do what I'm doing to build a profitable business on Airbnb without debt, mortgages, and owning a single property. Airbnb had $2.6 billion in revenue in 2017. You can be a part of this crazy growth.

Take the first step

I’ll be honest, this is not a get rich quick scheme. It takes some work up front.

But I can help you out. You can follow the step-by-step blueprint of getting things going.

Every lesson in my course is simple and straightforward format. Your earnings will depend on your ability to follow, learn, and execute. And remember: I’m here to help.

Building for the future

What could an extra $2,000 a month do for you and your family? Imagine how that will change your life and your lifestyle (check out what some of my students are saying about the class below).

The best part about this business model is that it'll require very little time to manage, which gives you more time to spend with your loved ones, travel the world, or follow your passions.

What’s in the course

There’s 7-weeks worth of modules for you. Here’s what you’ll learn:

1. How to find profitable locations to do Airbnb arbitrage

2. How to find landlords that are willing to sublease to you

3. How to maximize your Airbnb listing appeal so you'll start getting booked within hours

4. How to create the perfect airbnb listing

5. How to put your business on autopilot

.... and much more!

What you'll need to be successful:

1. A computer, laptop, or a smartphone

2. Reliable internet

3. Dedicate just a few hours each week to the course

4. Some working capital to invest

And the most important thing is having fun!

Excited to have you join the course. Welcome to the team because this course will be helping you with every step of the way. Plus, you'll meet other like-minded students and build a strong network that'll be the foundation to slingshot yourself into new heights!

"I've made over $114,511 from Airbnb."

Jeff Crane - USA - One of my Students

[Case Study] Ray Licardo - Made $2516 in less than 15 days of signing his lease.

Ray took action and within 60 days, he got his first Airbnb unit.

"Course gives good overview of topics necessary to be started and tackled to setup the AirBnB business and make it running.

It is good start for beginners to get step by step guidance what needs to be done and in which way to think."

- Darko Marasovic, Passive Airbnb Entrepreneur & Project Manager @ UAB

"The trouble with Internet gurus and coaches is that their information, while sometimes helpful, is not necessarily consistent with real world scenarios. Additionally, they are usually highly overpriced. Sam’s Airbnb training is a nice exception to this. His coaching and training material is very specific and practical. Plus, he doesn’t charge a small fortune for it. Compared to others, Sam’s program is affordable and of great value. I found the material and his coaching to be very useful in my Airbnb business."

- Greg Dabicci, Property Manager & Passive Airbnb Entrepreneur

"I ran a couple of inbound ads from Sam's templates on craigslist and got several inquiries - one was within less than 1 hr of posting the ad."

- Peter Cung, Business Development Manager & Passive Airbnb Entrepreneur

"Compared to the other e-course that I bought, Passive Airbnb has no fluff and gets to the "meat" more quickly. I'd recommend you to take Sam's course."

- Elisabeth Belknap, Passive Airbnb Entrepreneur & CEO @ Equus Living

Class Curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Airbnb?
Airbnb is the most popular home-sharing platform in the world. Airbnb had $2.6 billion in revenue in 2017. In 2016, they had close to $1.7 billion in revenue. That's close to a BILLION dollars in growth in just one year. Come join this crazy growth!
I don’t own any properties. Can I still start this business?
Yup. That is why I created this e-course to show you how you can leverage rental arbitrage to build a profitable business on Airbnb and start getting passive income.
I live in Europe, Australia, Malaysia, India...will this work here?
Here’s what you should do. Go to Airbnb.com and look for actual units in your area. Pay attention to 2 things: prices and reviews. Airbnb is live across 65,000 cities and 191 countries. Chances are that it’s already working in your city.
What is the time commitment for this thing? I have a full-time job.
If you have time to grab a beer or sit on the couch to watch TV, then you can make time for this course. You’ll just need to set aside a few hours per week. You can do the course on your schedule.
I have a spare room… Can I rent it on Airbnb?
Yes, that is perfect. Focus on module 6 & 7. When you’re ready to scale, you can go back and study module 2-5.
How do you deal with the standard “No Sublease” contract clause?
The course includes a template that you can use in lieu of the standard no sublease contract.
How much does it cost to get started?
Good question. Your rental market will probably be different from mine in Silicon Valley. So your start-up costs will be different. Here are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Monthly rent 2. Security deposits 3. Furniture costs
I am looking to start in xyz city, will this work for me?
Great question, lousy answer: perhaps. It’s really important for you to find a profitable market that has little to no short-term rental (STR) restrictions. The bad news is you’ll have to do some work on this. The good news is that I will teach you how to do research as well as how to find a profitable market to do STR.
I am looking to make some money quick… is this right for me?
Probably not. The course is for those who want to work toward reaching their passive income goals. Get started, do the work to get it working, then repeat. That’s who the course is for. Please come back when you’re ready.
Why don’t landlords just do this themselves?
They certainly could. But...They don’t want to manage the day-to-day of a STR business. Most landlords just want to collect their monthly rent. That’s where you come in. The course will help you convince a landlord to work with you.
Do you have a money back guarantee?
Yes, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the e-course, please ask for a refund. You can find out more about our refund policy in our Terms & Conditions.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

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